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Luke Triton
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7th-Jun-2021 01:39 am - Contact and Concrit
If you have any comments or criticism on how I play Luke, or you just need to get in touch with me, here's the post to do it. Feel free to contact me! Anon comments are screened.

Name: Dante
AIM: TheIrradiated
Character Name: Luke Triton
Character Series: Professor Layton
17th-Dec-2011 03:51 am - Puzzle 014 - Erased!
[Action - 726 Anderson - Noon]

[So what's a kid to do when the town's written him off as a fake? Do all the things he couldn't get away with when he was supposedly real. And that means the candy and snack food supply in the house is rapidly dwindling for some mysterious reason.

He wants to laugh, after all how could this be any better? He wasn't under any obligation to follow any rules, no one around to tell him he wasn't being a gentleman. Fake Lukes couldn't be gentlemen, that was just silly. Now he had complete freedom to do whatever he wanted, when he wanted, whether it was staying up late, jumping on the bed, or just snacking on junk food. Who cares what he did now? This was great!

Although, he really was starting to regret saying yes to that dream. Not that it mattered much now.

In his room, Luke's made a fortress of blankets and pillows. Inside, the case of the missing snack food has been solved - it's all piled in Luke's little hiding spot. So what if someone yelled at him for it, it's not like he had to listen anyway.

...So why was he feeling so terrible about all this?]

[Action - Store - Afternoon]

[Whether Luke got chased out of the house or just wanted to go the store for more supplies, he'll be standing in front of the candy display, rummaging through it.

He looks really depressed for some reason. Depressed and holding several bags of M&Ms.

Don't judge.]

[Phone - Evening]

[Surprise, surprise. Apparently wallowing in self-pity and eating candy all day doesn't really do much to make one feel better. So instead, Luke's made notes of everything he can recall leading up to him being thought of as a fake by everyone else in town. The dream, the list...were they really connected? And so many names were on that list.

He's not sure if it's the right conclusion, but he's got to find out more.]

...We were tricked, weren't we? Those dreams we had and that list are connected. Who else on that list said yes to the person they met in their dreams? In any case, I think we ought to come together to figure this out!

I mean, I don't know how permanent this is, but I'm sure sick of being called a fake. There has to be a way to resolve this! Anyone who was on that list, please respond!
29th-Nov-2011 01:34 am - Puzzle 013
[Action for 726 Anderson Lane.]

[While everything had ended and everyone had returned to Mayfield safe and sound, Luke was still left with the traumatic memories of cannibals, surviving in the wasteland of Mayfield, and most of all – a slow and painful death by radiation.

He cried for the longest time when he woke up, and all he could hope for was that no one in the house would walk in on him. He didn't want to talk about it, he didn't want to be disturbed, he just wanted to be left alone.

And yet he didn't want to be left alone. Dying was terrifying, and nothing he'd gone through up to this point seemed to compare to what happened this past weekend.

Much to surprise, he's interrupted by the sound of a squeak. And when he looks down, he sees Toppy, the mouse he befriended in his hometown of Misthallery.]

T-Toppy? What are you doing here?

Squeak squeak!

N-no, I'm glad to see you too. I'll explain everything later, all right?


I-I'm not crying, okay? J-just drop it, please.

[For Luke's housemates, Luke will remain in his room. His bedroom door seems to be firmly locked, and various objects scattered outside his door are labeled 1 through 5. He doesn't take into account that two housemates can easily teleport inside, but he's not really in the state of mind to care.

He'll answer if there's a knock though.]


[While Luke seems to be calm enough to talk on the phone, his tone is kind of harsh. He's upset and scared and at this point he doesn't care if he's being ungentlemanly.]

So are we supposed to just sweep this under the rug as well and pretend this never happened? Go back to enjoying our new “lives” that we're supposed to be thankful for? Well I don't want to, and I'm not thankful for anything in this stupid town!

I want to go home. Why haven't we found a way out yet?!
26th-Nov-2011 02:01 am - Puzzle 012
[He should have expected the worst when he heard that message, really. But after waking up in what might used to have been his house, he knew he was in trouble. Was this still Mayfield?

What was he going to do now? Was anyone even alive?

It was tempting just to sit there in the wreckage he woke up in, but...that wasn't part of being a gentleman, was it? He had to do something. So, he'll be searching parts of Mayfield, keeping a look out for anyone who might need help. He could worry about himself later. After all, he couldn't allow himself to sit there and feel sorry for himself. So instead he'll be wandering up and down the streets of Mayfield looking for people.]

Hello, hello? If anyone's still out there, answer me! If you need help, I can help you! Just answer!
17th-Nov-2011 02:02 am - Puzzle 011 - Shroomfield!
I don't get it
[Somehow, Luke managed to get a hold of some of those "special" mushrooms! It didn't take long before the mushrooms took effect, and suddenly Mayfield went from bright and cheery to bleak, desolate, and run-down. The streets that are usually crowded with drones are now all gone, although Luke can see glimpses of fleeting shadows.

Was this still Mayfield? It...sort of looked like Mayfield. If a bomb hit the town first, that is. Luke didn't want to admit he was scared right now - gentleman didn't panic after all - but he knew the first thing he should do was go find the Professor. He would know what to do, right? So without further hesitation, the boy sets off in the direction of the Professor's house...

Pictures inside the cutCollapse )
25th-Oct-2011 01:11 pm - Puzzle 010
Are you serious?
[Action - Around town, morning.]

[It's 11 o' clock, do you know where your puzzle shotas are?

Certainly not at school, it seems. Doppleganger!Luke's walking around Mayfield munching on a burger. After eating it, he'll crumble up the wrapper and toss it on the ground.]

This place sure is boring...

[Passing by a toy shop, Luke grins to himself and scoops up a rock. He'll wait until a little drone boy walks out of the shop before chucking the rock right at the kid's head. The kid stumbles before running off, leaving a bag full of toys behind. Score! Luke takes a moment to examine the bag.]

Just puzzles? Hmpf, is there anything actually good in here? Baseball cards would be nice.

[And he will just be helping himself to that bag of toys, dumping its contents on the sidewalk as he looks through them.]

[Action 2 - Pod]

[There was a pod here.

It's gone now.

Oh no wait, it's still here. A small, child-sized pod seems to be attached to one of the park benches. And even more suspicious, Luke's robot dog Gizmo is barking wildly and pawing at the pod. Check it out?]

[ooc: The initial rescue will be done by the Riddler, Ema, and Clod! Threadjacks by dopplegangers and Luke's CR are welcome!]

[Action 3 - Right outside of 726 Anderson, late afternoon after rescue.]

[Luke, after being freed from the pod, has managed to make it safely back home. While he's still dripping with pod goo, he's unharmed except for being really dazed and groggy. As it was explained to him, a lot of people including himself were captured by pods and had doubles of them running around all day.

But at least that's over, right? At least he hoped. He was way too tired to deal with doubles and killer vegetation, not to mention he needed a bath too.

Right as he's about to head inside the house, he spots his doppleganger waiting for him out of the corner of his eye. Luke spins around, wide-eyed in shock.]

So you finally showed up, loser.

Y-you! You're one of the doubles that's been running around!

[The doppleganger rolls his eyes.]

Brilliant deduction, genius. And you've got it wrong. You're the double, not me.

You liar, drop the act! I don't know what you are or what you're supposed to be, but if you think I'm going to let you parade around as me then think again!

Is that so? Try and stop me then.

[And doppleganger!Luke throws a punch right at the real Luke's face. A true gentleman doesn't resort to violence, but Luke's spent hours stuck in a gooey pod and now this fake is attacking him, so the gloves are off. Luke lunges at his doppleganger and seconds later, the two Lukes are wrestling around on the front lawn, kicking and punching one another.]
4th-Oct-2011 03:18 am - Puzzle 009
[Ever since the whole zombie incident, Luke's been a lot quieter then normal for the past couple of weeks. Anyone who enters Luke's room will see why: a journal, along with a mess of notes are scattered across the desk in his room. The journal seems to detail Luke's stay in Mayfield, and the notes are all information he's collected on Mayfield and Westport. Looks like Luke is trying to put the pieces of information he's found together, with some success.

Today however, he decides to make a public phone call.]


Hello all, it seems that everything’s finally back to normal, isn’t it? Er, well, as normal as this place can be I suppose.

But I still have a few questions about this place. I know a lot about Westport already, and that there’s a little girl named Lucy who’s not what she seems or something like that. But what I’d really like to know is what sort of attempts have been made to find out information about this place. And what kind of information has been found out already? I’m sure if we put our heads together we might even be able to find some new clues! After all, you can’t solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

By the way, does anyone know about the new police chief?

[Action - Streets of Mayfield]

[Luke bought some pumpkins! At least one for himself, and some for the family if they choose to take one. The only problem is that they’re fairly large pumpkins, and despite Luke's efforts to keep them in the wagon he brought, they won't stop falling out and rolling away. Luke will be chasing any stray pumpkins down the street as he tries to get them home.

Do you help him out? Try stealing one? Point and laugh?]

[Action - Outside 726 Anderson Lane]

[Sitting on the porch of 726 Anderson Lane, Luke has a little project on his hands. There's some carving tools sitting off to the side, and a bucket nearby to collect the insides of the pumpkin. The other pumpkins he brought home are arranged on the front porch as well. With a marker in one hand, he seems to be staring intently on the large pumpkin sitting out in front of him.

What should he carve…?]

Are you serious?
[So Luke’s got himself in quite the predicament. After getting into a fight with his fake father, Luke left the safety of the bunker underneath his home. But as soon as the zombies started flooding in, Luke was starting to realize what an incredibly stupid idea this was. He wouldn’t let himself go back now though, instead he’ll be searching for people he knows throughout town.

But as he got further into town, he was terrified. Sure he’d been in dangerous situations before, but the Professor had always been beside him and taking charge of the situation. But this time? Luke was completely alone.

After a run-in with Clod, he was lucky enough that she gave him the power to defend himself - in the form of energy saws that would stick out of his legs. It was an incredibly brutal weapon whether the target was alive or dead. Not only that, but he couldn’t help but notice that he resembled his former Mayfield father now more then ever, and that was kind of unsettling.

But he has been putting his new sawfoot ability to good use. Living and unliving folks of Mayfield will see Luke doing the following:

A. Uptown

Luke’s learning how to use his new sawfoot ability!  After falling on his face a few times, he’ll be zipping around town as if on rollerblades. As he scouts out buildings for supplies, he might get stuck when the saw blades from his legs accidentally get caught in the flooring.

B. Streets of Mayfield

If Luke thinks you need help with the zombies, he will come to your aid. Otherwise he’ll be traveling through the streets of Mayfield, either fighting or trying to escape from oncoming zombies.

C. Mayfield Elementary

He‘s not sure how he made it to the Elementary school, but he‘ll be finding a place to hide in one of the classrooms. He’s done a lot of fighting in the short time he’s been out in the town. He’s fought, he’s killed, his clothes are stained with blood, and now that the adrenaline has worn off, everything he’s done up to this point has finally sunk in. 

From his hiding place, there’s the sound of sobbing. He doesn’t want to fight anymore, he wants to go home.

And yet, the sound of droned zombie children don’t seem all that far away.]

[ooc: replies will come from hintcoinplz]
7th-Sep-2011 09:03 pm - Puzzle 007
Are you serious?
[Today Luke starts his first day at Mayfield High! While this would seem like a pretty normal thing for any thirteen-year-old boy, Luke has never really been in a public school setting before. Especially not an American high school.

He is completely confused what he’s supposed to do and the class schedule in his hand looks a little like gibberish. Where was he supposed to go first?

So today Luke will be doing one of the following:

A. Wandering around and looking very lost. And when he’s not looking lost and wandering around, he’ll be busy fighting with his locker.

Possibly yelling at it.

B. Lunch time! After a pretty tiring first day, Luke is more then eager to find a place to sit down and eat. But where to sit...?

C. School has ended, and Luke managed to survive his first day. He will be outside playing with his small robotic dog Gizmo and checking out the shops around Mayfield.]
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